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A note to our Travelin' Teens Campers & Families:

We would like to be very upfront with you all to let you know the changes for this program. We will be traveling using vans instead of our usual busses, and (as of now) we are unable to go to many of the amusement & water parks from past summers. But we have an AWESOME summer planned that the staff are very excited about! Plus, as more & more places open up we will be adjusting our camp accordingly!


Camp Covid Guidelines


About Travelin' Teens


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 Travelin' Teens is an ACA accredited camp designed to create lifelong friends and memories! Get ready to travel and enjoy everything from relaxing trips to the beach to high thrills adventures at amusement parks. Daily trips include: Kings Dominion, area beaches, Medieval Times, lake trips, and much more.

We offer pick ups at all of the designated schools where Travelin' Teens is offered. Trained and experienced staff members are with campers at all times helping develop a greater sense of independence, responsibility, and self esteem throughout their travels. As you would expect, safety is taken very seriously at all camps and especially with Travelin' Teens, and campers must be accompanied by staff members at all times.

For local trips we will be using air conditioned school buses. For the longer trips we will use charter buses with bathrooms.



$425 per week
Week 3: $365
*Additional spending money may be required for some trips, please see our "What to Bring" list for recommended amounts.

Refund/Schedule Change Policy: All payments are always 100% Refundable (all payments means ALL payments; registration fees, deposits, EVERYTHING). You can change or cancel your child's schedule at any time, although we prefer at least a week's notice of changes so campers on our waitlist have a chance to come to camp! 



8:30am - 4:30pm

To try to limit numbers of people in the area, we are staggering pick up and drop off times for the different camps. Also, because we do not have the space available, we cannot provide before and after care as of now. We may be able to offer this if space becomes available.


Everyday Campers Will Need:

Bathing Suit
Close-Toed Shoes

*For Caving Only: long pants&long sleeve shirt, CLOSE-TOED SHOES, lunch, plastic shopping bag for muddy clothes, change of clothes


Grouping Kids & Staff

Kids and staff will be grouped into small groups of no more than 12 (11 kids and 1 staff member). They must stay in these groups for the entire week of camp; traveling to/from trips, games, lunch, EVERYTHING must be in these groups.

Each group will have a van that they will travel in, vans for each group will not change and will be cleaned and disinfected each night.



Our Staff and Kids will need to wear a mask at all times while at camp based on the CDC and Maryland Department of Health guidelines. Don’t have a mask? No problem! We will have a few on site, but we ask that you pack a mask for your child so they can be more comfortable following these guidelines.


Drop Off & Pick Up

I am sure most of your have had curbside pick up for food recently??? Now we will have curbside pick up & drop off for camp! As you pull up, we will have staff and signs directing you to your child's van. Once there, your child(ren) will be checked in and have their temperature taken. We will be using non-contact thermometers. Based on the guidelines, and for the safety of our kids and staff, ANYONE (staff or child) with a temperature above 100.4 degrees F will be asked to return home.


**An important note about Inclement Weather**

Currently we do not have enough indoor activities or locations available to provide camp during inclement weather. Unlike past summers where we could go to movie theaters, Dave & Busters, or aquariums, all of these locations are currently closed. We will try our best to be open whenever possible, but we may need to close due to weather. Of course, as more places open we will adjust this accordingly.


Our Locations

Click here for details on all of our Travelin' Teens camp locations:

Farmland ES (N. Bethesda area)

Flora Singer ES (Silver Spring area)

Forest Knolls ES (Silver Spring area)

Garrett Park ES (Kensington area)

Barnsley ES (Rockville area)


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