Question: What is your staff to child ratio at K.A.H.?
Answer: We keep a 1:10 staff: children ratio, this FAR exceeds typical MSDE licensing requirements of 1:15. 

Question: Is the K.A.H. staff certified in CPR and First Aid?
Answer: YES! We hold a mandatory First Aid and CPR Certification Training Program for our KAH Staff and all of our staff are expected to keep their certification up to date.

Question: Who are the KAH Staff?
Answer: Our Kids After Hours school year Staff are creative, fun and energetic men and women above the age of 16 who love kids! Many of our Staff are past KAH kids with fond KAH childhood memories. Interviews, Recommendations and observations are required for permanent placement with our company. Most of our school year staff continue with us during our summer programs as well. Many Summer Counselors return every year to enjoy their KAH Summer of fun

Question: How do I make changes to my child's schedule?
Answer: You can log into your account and make any changes you like to your child's schedule. Our website will notify the main office of any changes and we will adjust your tuition accordingly.

Question: How do I sign up for Drop In Care?
Answer: You can sign up through the registration process! As you complete your registration, select “Drop-in Schedule” 

Question: How do I cancel my enrollment?
Answer: Just give us a call and let us know the last day that your child will be attending K.A.H. We'll prorate your tuition!

Question: How do I register my child for care?
Answer: It's Easy! Use our on-line registration system to create an account. Go to to use our system.

Question: What are my payment options?
Answer: We take it all! All Major credit cards, debit cards, check, cash and money orders. You can pay on-line once or twice a month. You can even sign up for automatic payments. Find out your tuition rates by clicking on our on-line tuition calculator.

Question: Do I have to pay for care when my child is absent?
Answer: Yes. You are registering your child for a "SPOT" in our program. We keep that spot for your child regardless of their attendance. We don't discount for "sick days" or vacations.

Question: How do I retrieve my year end statement and receipts?
Answer: Log into your on-line account a receive all of the receipts and year end statements for your family.

Question: How do I find my bill for KAH?
Answer: It's easy to find out how much you owe - just log into your account on-line and check your open invoices.

Question: How do I set up auto billing?
Answer: Log in to your account on our website and follow the instructions to set up your automatic credit card/debit card payments for each month.

Question: How do I make a partial payment?
Answer: Our KAH families can make a payment at any time in any amount. Log into your account on our website and go to "make a payment".

Question: Do you have any family discounts?
Answer: Yes! We have a 10% second-sibling discount! We also give discounts for teachers & military! 

Question: Do you offer scholarships?
Answer: We accept all Maryland State & County vouchers from childcare subsidy programs including: Working Parents' Assistance, and Department of Social Service Vouchers. Plus, we are always happy to work with families to develop payment plans.

Question: What is The KAH tax i.d.##?
Answer: 521646087

Question: Where do I get the required forms for K.A.H.?
Answer: Our forms are available to download from our website. All forms are also available at our center locations.

Question: When do the forms need to be turned in? Where do I take my forms?
Answer: All forms must be completed on or before your child's first day of care. All forms should be turned into your child's Director. Please do not send in forms to the main office.

Question: Do my medical forms need to be filled in by a doctor?
Answer: Yes, we will need to have a doctor complete your health form, BUT this is the same form that you provide to the school, and you can always request a copy of that form from the school to save you a trip to the doctor. If your child has allergies or needs to take medication while at Kids After Hours you will need to have a doctor complete the medication administration form, as well as the allergy action plan &/or asthma action plan. These forms can be found in your account under Student Forms.

Question: What happens if my child needs to take medication at Kids After Hours?
Answer: Please have your child's doctor fill out the form to allow medicine to be administered by a Kids After Hours Director.

Question: What are the hours of the program?
Answer: At most programs, we open at 7am and close at 6:30pm. Please check your location page as some schools may vary! 

Question: What are Clubs?
Answer: Typically our Monthly Clubs are changed each month. Our KAH kids decide as a group what the different clubs will be each month. Our Clubs meet at appointed times during the week to engage in a FUN Club themed activity. Examples: Cooking club, Karate Club, Photography Club, Building Club... anything the kids can dream up!

Sign up for our NEWSLETTER to get monthly updates about our activities.

Question: Do you have a snack menu? Where can I find it?
Answer: Our snack & breakfast menus are posted at all of our locations weekly. We are a NUT FREE zone! 

Question: What happens if my child has allergies?
Answer: Please be advised that Kids After Hours is a NUT FREE ZONE. Allergies are taken seriously at KAH. Please be sure to have your doctor fill out the medical form to allow any kind of emergency medicines to be administered at Kids After Hours. We will need to have a supply of all allergy medications prior to your child's attendance in our program.

Question: How old does my child have to be to attend Kids After Hours before and after school?
Answer: Kids After Hours accepts children entering Kindergarten (in the Fall) through 5th Graders.

Question: Do you accept students with Special Needs or children needing extra accomodations?
Answer: We have many children in our program with varied special needs as we do our very best to accommodate everyone. In the past, we have provided staff with specialized training, supplied extrra/particular materials, and altered our space to accommodate the children in our care. We will do the best we can! 

Question: Can I register my child who attends middle school?
Answer: Currently we do not have availability for Middle schoolers. Please call our main office (301-933-6888) to check on the availability of space for Middle School students.


Question: What method of transportation does Kids After Hours use for field trips? Who is driving my children on field trips?
Answer: KAH uses School Buses & 15 Passenger Vans with safety belts. The drivers of the vehicles are all above the age of 21 with an approved driving record. Typically, we do not provide transportation to/from our programs. However, if you are coming from a non-KAH school location, some elementary schools provide bus transportation to/from other elementary school locations, you can check with your school to see if this is available for you. 

Question: What should my child bring to Camp?
Answer: Send a bag lunch, bathing suit, sunscreen & towel EVERY DAY. Please make sure your child is wearing sneakers. No flip-flops or sandals should be worn at camp. Our Camp Directors send out an Informational E-mail on the Friday before each session.

Question: Where do you swim?
Answer: For day camp, most camp locations swim in their local neighborhood pools. Pool locations can be seen on our Summer Camp website once it gets closer to summer.

Question: What happens if my child does not know how to swim?
Answer: Our Kindergarten & 1st Grade Campers are only allowed to swim in the shallow pools. Campers who are in 2nd grade and above have the ability to take a swim test which allows them to earn a wristband to enter the deeper pools; as we treat all campers as "non-swimmers" until they have reached 2nd grade.

Question: Is there an orientation for Camp?
Answer: Yes, we hold a Camp Orientation during the week prior to the beginning of camp.

Question: How old does my child have to be to attend Camp KAH, Adventure Camp? Travelin' Teens? Skate Camp?
Answer: Kids must be entering kindergarten to attend Camp KAH. Skate Campers must be at least 7 years of age. Travelin' Teens and Adventure Campers must be at least 10 years old.

Question: What are the activities at Camp KAH?
Answer: Our camp activities are swimming, sports, arts and crafts, group games, science and much more. We have fun Moonbounces, giant water slides and obstacle courses.  Please check out our camp schedules to see our weekly themes and activities.

Question: Is there a cut off age for Camp?
Answer: Our oldest kids at Camp KAH are entering 5th grade. Our oldest kids at Travelin' Teens, Adventure Camp and Skate Camp are entering 9th grade.

Question: Is my child old enough to be a counselor at Camp K.A.H.?
Answer: Our Junior Counselors must be at least 14 by the first day of camp. Junior Counselors are helpers with daily tasks that vary throughout the summer.

Question: What do you do on Code Red Days?
Answer: We limit our outdoor time on Code Red Days. We drink lots of water and apply even more sunscreen.

Question: What do you do on Rainy Days at Camp?
Answer: Rainy days at Camp can be FUN too! We are lucky to have indoor space at all camp locations. Many of our activities can be moved to a Gymnasium or All-Purpose Room

Question: How do receive emergency information regarding Kids After Hours?
Answer: All emergency information will be available on our website as well as our Facebook updates. E-mails will be sent in case of emergencies. Please make sure your e-mail address is correct in our system by logging into your account on-line and updating your information. You should be receiving monthly e-mails from your director.

Question: What happens when school closes early for inclement weather?
Answer: Updates about inclement weather will be available on our website as well as Facebook. E-mails and text alerts will be sent out as well. Kids After Hours remains open on days when school closes early. We ask that our KAH families stay updated throughout the day for information regarding the possible need for early pick up.

Question: What happens when there is a delayed MCPS opening for inclement weather?
Answer: In case of a delayed opening for MCPS, Kids After Hours will be open on time and remain open until the time school begins.The only time we need to be closed is when MCPS closes or delays opening Admin offices. 

Question: Do you apply sunscreen?
Answer: We apply sunscreen 3x during the camp day: 9am, around lunch time, and 3:30pm for those kids staying for extended care.

Question: How do I contact my child's director?
Answer: You can contact Bob for any questions or concerns 240-687-6201. You can find contact information for your director on our location's page:

Question: How do I contact the main office?
Answer: Our main office is located at 12240 Wilkins Ave. Rockville MD. Our phone number is 301-933-6888. Please feel free to e-mail us through our website as well.