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General Morning Hours: 7am - Start of school
General Afternoon Hours: School dismissal - 6:30pm

*Some hours may vary based on school's schedule, see your school's location page for this information.

We run in 26 locations throughout Montgomery County Maryland. Our programs run inside elementary schools and are for school-age students (grades K – 5th).

Our Mission

Our mission is based on our guiding principles: We Help Everyone, We Care Always, and We Have Fun Doing It!

We believe the role of KAH is to help our kids, families, schools and our communities in any way possible. From providing supportive care, to working with family’s needs, to helping with a school’s special events, KAH is always asking the question "how can we help?"

Throughout all of our programs, we care for each child and family. At KAH we want all of our kids and families to feel welcomed, supported and part of the KAH family.

Kids After Hours School Year


Our Activities!

What makes Kids After Hours stand out are our incredible enrichment activities and equipment! From learning to program with 3D printers, building structures with our Rig-Ga-Ma-Gigs, to exploring space in our new planetarium, our kids are offered amazing opportunities to play and learn with state-of-the-art tech, and awesomely FUN toys!


Activities - 3 D Printer

3D Printers

Our 3D printers allow kids to bring their ideas to life through programing and developing their own 3D shapes, puzzles, toys, and figures!

Rig-Ga-Ma-Gigs, Lego Robotics, and MORE!

Rig-Ga-Ma-Gigs, Lego Robotics, and MORE!

We are always looking for the next best things in toys! Our Rig-ga-ma-gigs may be hard to say, but they are easy and fun for all ages! Kids can build whatever they like from buildings and sculptures to even race cars and cranes. Lego Robotics has been a recent fan favorite! Kids are able to turn Legos into working fans, solar panel cars, and whatever they can imagine, all while learning basic robotics and electronics!


Our New Planetarium

Kids get a chance to explore the entire galaxy, star gaze, and see planets up close in our brand new planetarium! Our mobile planetarium travels to all of our locations, giving kids a chance to have the full planetarium experience in their own school!


Our Locations