What People are Saying

Dear Bob,

I wanted to express my appreciation to you and the KAH staff for providing care and summer camp during an unprecedented time. Last summer, like most kids, my daughter felt isolated. I finally decided to look up summer camps for August and found KAH had a Jr. Adventure Camp (outdoors). I felt KAH had good Covid precautions in place and was comfortable in signing my daughter up. She went for 1 week and she had a great time - I had my happy daughter back. During the virtual school year I enrolled her in partial week care where she could be surrounded by peers during virtual class and socialize during lunch and breaks. I was so fortunate that this was available as it provided opportunities for my daughter to socialize. KAH played an important role in maintaining my child's mental health and well-being during the pandemic and I am grateful. Thank you to the Garrett Park staff - Chris, Iris, Adrienne, and Edward - for helping my daughter and all kids get through the 2020-21 school year, for providing many different activities (she was never bored), and for keeping it fun for the kids. Thank you to her summer camp counselors, Edward and Roberto, for providing a normal summer experience, for driving all over MD for the field trips and for entertaining the kids! We will be moving out of state and will miss KAH. It truly is a great program. Thank you all again!

Time to give credit to our child care providers, camps, and educators making it happen for our kids this summer.

I have been a KAH parent for over 10 years. Javi has attended every single camp and service they offer , and I mean every lol Day Camp, Skate Camp, Before & After Care, Kids Night Out, Spring Break Camp , Winter Break Camp, Adventure Camp, and Traveling Teens Camp. The girls don’t fall behind they have also attended some of these.

The KAH mission is : Kids After Hours

We Help Everyone, We Care Always, AND We Have Fun Doing It!

Let me tell you they have ALWAYS gone above and beyond from that mission. All four kids have memories that as a working parent I could never give them. As parents we do our best to create memories but sometimes it’s hard.

I had to share all of this because I am truly impressed what they are doing and have done as a child care provider during and after l the pandemic! We are beyond thankful and lucky to be part of the KAH family. The baby bambina is the last one of our bunch that transitioned from day camp to junior adventure camp this year and words can’t even express her happiness!! Even with all the restrictions wherever you go the KAH team has made it happen!! After spending an entire summer with them in 2020 and doing my best to keep them busy I am truly thankful and grateful for your services!! THANK YOU !!


Hey Chris,

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how impressed I am with you and all the KAH staff.  I appreciate it everyday, but it was especially helpful today when trying to do the math test.  Ugh, that test is no joke!  I've also been trying to help McKenzie fix her settings for a while and you swooped in and saved the day.  She was so happy!  Not that I am surprised because I already knew you were amazing!  My kids that are at KAH are thriving because of you all.  My teammates and I were talking during our meeting about how well it is going there.  

Please also specifically pass my appreciation on to Edward and the other KAH person (I couldn't tell who she was with her mask on) for helping Jxxxxxx today.  I know he can get moody and it requires a great deal of patience.  They both worked so well with him today.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hi Bob,

I'm a very happy mom thanks to KAH.
My kids started going to KAH at Garrett Park only 3 1/2 months ago and it has made a world of difference getting my kids to school in the morning. In the Afternoon I have to bribe them with candy so they come home with me, they just don't want to leave. There are so many different clubs and activities for them to play in. This is the best Child Care service I have ever seen. We've lived in different states, even Europe and this is just the best. You have a great group of people working there. Amy, Buba, Daliska and Ebony are great and the kids have so much fun with them. The Director Paul is amazing, he should be named, Director of the year for KAH. He has responded all my questions with much patience and a smile. His very professional and has outstanding customer service. He makes it look too easy working with a large group of kids. His a natural leader, Give this man a raise. lol!!

Most importantly I feel my kids are in a safe and caring environment. KAH has made our transition to another state so much easier. Thank you so much for this program.

Alex and Natalia's Mom

Hi Bob,

I wanted to let you know that has a full-time working parent, I am really impressed and appreciative of all the emails and information you provide.

My daughter attends Meadow Hall elementary and goes to KAH every morning and evening. She is always happy going to KAH and often asks to stay longer and to be dropped off earlier.

Kristin, Ariana, Adrienne, and Diane is who I primarily interact with and I couldn't be happier.

Thank you for all you do to keep my mind at ease while I'm away from my kiddo.

Meadow Hall ES could not be happier with Kristin's leadership and the entire KAH staff.

I just wanted to send you a quick note on how awesome Paul and your KAH staff is at Garrett Park.

My son, Ryan, was recently hired at Garrett Park's KAH and he loves it. We recently had a chat about his new job and I could tell he was impressed with Paul's leadership and has mentioned several times how friendly and welcoming everyone has been.

So thanks! This is Ryan's first job and we are so happy that he is working for such a great company.


Dear Bob,

We have 3 kids at Garrett Park, Mark. They all absolutely love KAH, they love all the fun activities they did and all the counselors, they always want to play till the last minute. thanks for being a amazing care provider. Also especially thanks to the director, Paul, he is always kind, caring and supportive!

Continue to be as awesome as you have been!

My kids haven't been to KAH yet this year. I decided to drop them in so I could finish grades and plan. We walk in and Alexandra (I think that's her name) shouts out "Maddie & Matthew!" Made me smile. Thanks KAH for always going above and beyond!

Hi Bob,

I have two children, John and Nora Mann, that attend Flower Valley KAH. I love the KAH program, Jose and all the staff (I believe I wrote to you in the past about how great Jose and staff are).

But today, I just wanted to give a shout out to your billing office. My kids are involved in many afterschool activities that change throughout the year, plus my husband and I work in DC and are always changing our schedule. We have had to contact your billing office, in particular Adela Vasquez, several times to make changes to our schedule. I just wanted to tell you that although I have never met Adela, I think Adela is just wonderful and extremely helpful about making changes to our crazy schedule.

In the past few years, I have called the billing office several times with questions and requested several changes to my kids schedules by email. Every time that I communicate with Adela, she very patiently explains any issues and makes any changes that I need right away.

Thanks to Adela for all her help and to you for having such a great program and staff!


Hi there!!

My son used to attend KAH at Fairland and we have since moved but I'm still on the email list, which I totally don't mind. We love... We ADORE you guys and miss the amazing, fun and safe atmosphere you all provide. Any chance (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE!?!) you'll be making your way up to the Frederick and surrounding areas?!? (No really, please. We need you!)

Ok back to my real reason for emailing- so I still get the emails and just got the one for kids night out. Can my son still come even if he doesn't come on a regular basis?

Thanks for letting me take up some of your time!



Thank you for your quick response! I have attached the form here. Yes, just another southern transplant to the DC area. Thanks again for your help. I have been more than impressed with KAH in the short time my daughter has attended…everything from the enthusiastic staff, the organized activities, and now your quick and friendly response.


Hi Bob - I just wanted to say how TOTALLY AWESOME the entire staff at Flower Valley has been this summer. I can't thank you (and Matt C.) enough for the hard work and dedication to our kids. Stay cool and enjoy the rest of the summer!

Caryn (mom of Aaron, age 11)

Hi Bob,
Thanks a million for your help and trouble on Sunday. I'm really glad my kids got in and are doing the camp - great destinations, a really good time for them. I really appreciate it, thanks so much, Bethany.

Hi Bob,

I'm Clara and Victor's mom (the mom who had one kid registered for Travelin' Teens at Pinecrest this week and one kid NOT registered). I just wanted to thank you again for fitting Clara in and for your incredible flexibility within KAH as a whole. I'm embarrassed but grateful!

Also - I figured out what happened. I originally un-enrolled Clara because she had a bunch of doctor's appointments this week, but then re-scheduled the appointments and forgot to re-enroll her in camp.

Thank you again. To say my kids are having a blast at camp this week (including Valerie over with Danny at Flora Singer) - can't begin to describe how happy they all are. Valerie said last night at dinner, "Mommy, I'm so much happier when I'm busy during the summer." Ha - and here we thought a mellow summer was what they wanted!

Take care,

Dear Adela and Bob,
I can't thank you enough for helping out with my "crisis" situation last week. KAH has meant more to us over the years than you can ever imagine! (Really! Honestly, you cannot imagine!). My daughter ADORES KAH.

Hi Bob,

I wanted to send you a note regarding my son Marcus' experience at Travelin' Teens. He's been attending all summer via Pine Crest and has been having a great time. Unfortunately, on Monday while at the pool, he fell backwards off of a suspended rope that he was sitting on and hit his head on the concrete. Immediately following the incident:

Hassan called me right away to tell me what happened and told that they were calling EMS as a precaution.
Once EMS arrived, he called me back to allow me to speak with the paramedic.
On the way back to Pine Crest, Phil called to see if I wanted him to take him to the ED or an urgent care.
When I picked Marcus up, both Hassan and Minnie spoke with me and told me the specifics of what happened immediately after he fell which I was able to relay to the doctor.
Hassan asked me to please updated him after we saw the doctor.
Nicole called while we were waiting to be seen offering any help I needed.
It was determined that he did not have a concussion but he does have a contusion so the doctor ordered “brain rest” for the rest of this week.
Due to the doctor's orders, I called yesterday and Adela offered me a refund for the days he will be unable to attend.

No parent ever wants to hear that their child has been injured but I wanted to share with you my sincere gratitude for the way the staff handled the situation and their level of concern.

Since I have you, I also want to make an honorable mention about Chris, the Director at Fairland.

Marcus has been attending KAH for the last 2 years and Chris went above and beyond during Marcus' time in before and after care and I feel he honestly cared about Marcus outside of him being “just one of the kids”. He has counseled and given pep talks to not only Marcus but also to me during some tough times. His positive attitude and ability to diffuse a situation is something to be admired. He is a great asset to your organization.

Every interaction I have ever had with a staff member from the front office on down has been a positive experience. For me, this speaks volumes about how you and your wife run your business. Not to mention, your emails are hilarious...

I apologize that my email is so long, I just wanted to make sure I communicated my appreciation…


Hi Tammy,

I just wanted to tell you that my son (Shane, rising 2) had his first day of KAH camp today and had an absolute blast! He can't wait to go back tomorrow and is trying to talk me into picking him up as late as possible. : ) This is such a wonderful experience for him that he otherwise wouldn't have had. Thanks again for your generous donation to the Forest Knolls PTA. We're very grateful to be the recipients of such a fantastic prize!

Have a great week,

Hi Laura,
Thank you very much for the prompt handling of our request. Much appreciated. Sofia is looking forward to reconnect with her camp friends and staff the week of August 8th. By the way, i would like to recognize and commend the great work that staff like Josh, Todd and the rest of the North Chevy Chase team (apologies if I can't recall all their members)is doing this summer. Sofia has enjoyed every day of camp so far and for next summer your camp will be our top choice. We will also continue to recommend your camp to friends and family as a top choice in the Montgomery County area.

All the best,

1. THANK YOU for doing field trips during kindergarten orientation. As the mom of two kindergarteners, this is HUGE. Not only are you caring for the kiddos all day, but you're not charging extra for it. Amazing! You've made my world so much less stressful - thank you!

2. THANK YOU to Paul for being the wonderful human being that he is. I've told him before how much I appreciate his kind but firm approach with Henry and Eli, and his openness in communicating with me about their challenges and how I can help, but I want to make sure that Bob hears it, too! Paul praises and rewards my kids when they've earned it, and constructively corrects and encourages them when they need help. His patience seems limitless with the kids under his care, and he always has a smile and kind word from my 3-year-old son who LOVES to pick up his brothers at KAH. Just yesterday the little guy came in with his SpiderMan costume on from SuperHero Day at preschool, and Paul immediately start chatting him up about his "muscles." Spidey loved it. :)

3. And THANK YOU to Bob for the hilarious emails. I was having a bad day at work today until I read your email. I laughed out loud at the line about snatching up space before some "overly uptight, Type A kindergarten mom" gets it, and the guy in Hartford, CT being obviously lost. Back in the Dark Ages, I dated a jerk from Hartford, so that line particularly made my day.

Bottom line --- thank you both and your teams for all that you do. This mom really appreciates it.

Emily a KAH@GPES Parent

Hi Bob,
Two things real quick -

1) I love reading your emails. They're funny, succinct, and always convey the spirit of KAH.

2) Todd and his team at Oakland Terrace are knocking it out of the park. Seriously. They are so fantastic. We couldn't be more thrilled with our experience so THANK YOU!

(OTES Parent)

Hi Bob,
Thanks for making the switch and for responding so quickly! we're sorry that KAH is having trouble finding a location for the Forest Knolls summer camp - we've loved being there these last six years and will miss seeing the staff. Looking forward, though, to new memories at KAH camp at NCC.

And, I want to say, once again, how incredibly special I think the Highland View KAH staff are. Though we moved to Kensington Parkwood this year, leaving KAH was, by far, the hardest shift. We feel so lucky that we've been able to stay close to Glenn, Karen and Linda. and, that they continue to find ways to connect with our kids. And, I absolutely love KAH headquarters. The KAH organization is wonderful! It is incredibly kid-centric and parent-centric. I really appreciate the attention to both. I keep trying to pinpoint what makes KAH so unique.........I think it's that everyone in the organization has stayed tuned in to their "inner child".


Hello Bob,

So, another reason you rock... your messages almost always beat the county robo-mail about school delays and closures.

Hope all is well with you and everyone in the KAH family!

Happy KAH Alumt

Thank you for making our lives substantially easier. Paul Fuller and the staff at Garrett Park knock it out of the park every single day. Glad you guys came into our lives this year!

Happy Holidays!

Donny's Dad

I am so grateful to you for running this fabulous program! Thank you for making the lives of so many area families a bit easier, less stressful, and just plain better.

Take care

Hi Mr. Sickels (Bob),

I wanted to send a quick note to say THANK YOU! I always appreciate KAH for all that you do, but particularly on weeks like this. I would have had to take the entire week off from work and, by the end of the winter, would likely be almost out of vacation days to spend with my family.

My son attends the Forest Knolls location. Chris is such a wonderful director. He's amazing with the kids and has a real talent for bringing in counselors that are exactly the same way. With so many young ones in the same place, it could be total chaos. Instead, they find the perfect balance of a fun and loving environment for the kids that still maintains the necessary discipline/control. We really couldn't be happier with our experience. My son loved it from the very first day he walked in the door to summer camp and there's never a day that I feel guilty for staying a little late at work. To the contrary, he's most upset when I try to pick him up early!

So kudos to you and your team!!

Kim Texeira

KAH you are the best! so thankful to have you thru rain, snow and shine for our kids :)

Kah Parent

Hi Bob,
The staff are all great and that really is a testament to Todd who is incredible! He has a great attitude, so much energy, always has things running smoothly and is so loving with the kiddos!

Happy Holidays!

Chloe (OTES parent)

Hi Paul,
Last night when we were putting Drew to bed, we were talking about the day, and as part of our routine, we asked him to tell us three things that were great about his day. All three had to do with KAH. He loves school, but KAH is his favorite part of the day! Thank you to you and your staff for helping make the start to the school year so awesome for Drew and his friends!

Meredith and Andy

Hi Bob,
I really enjoyed summer camp at KidsAfterHours and I would like to come back to camp again next year. All the staff were awesome.

Thank you!!!

10 yrs. old

Hi Bob - I am so sorry - we actually found a solution - my in-laws are going to keep the boys for a few days next week. However, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your quick response and willingness to help! We will definitely sign up the boys for a couple weeks of KAH camp next summer! also, you have big fans of KAH with the Clark family - I will also take this opportunity to say how much we think of Todd as the Director and the staff at Oakland Terrace. The program is phenomenal and we have been so happy with the experience our older son has had - and are looking forward to our kindergartener going there. the main thing I think is special is the way they foster a very kind and respectful culture among the kids of all ages and backgrounds. It seems like the kids are kind to one another - I have never heard of fighting or bullying. I truly think that's due to Todd and the staff fostering this positive attitude and a high level of kindness and respect for all the kids. I really appreciate your leadership in placing importance on this issue.

Thanks again for everything!


Hi Danny,

This is the third week that my son has been in camp with you guys at Flora Singer. It's also the third year I believe that we have been attending. Over the years we have been to loads of camps and have had tons of different summer experiences. This is why I love KAH and why we keep coming back: YOUR COUNSELORS! They are fantastic! I am sure you provide them with very intentional training...or something...but whatever you are doing...it's working! As compared to other camps/counselors - what I truly appreciate about your staff is:

1. They know my child and greet him by name EVERY DAY!
2. They know me and know who my child is
3. They are polite, fun and professional
4. They seem to love what they do and are super enthusiastic
5. They seem to really love kids and know how to relate to them

The great thing is...this has been my experience with ALL your counselors....not just a few....it's across the board.

It's those types of things that make the difference between a good camp and a great camp. The authentic relationships that your counselors are developing with our kids makes all the difference....makes my kid happy....and makes me happy to leave him in your care.

Have a great day!


As always, enjoyed reading your note with a little humor embedded. Just a reminder that the KAH Barnsley staff is TOTALLY AWESOME!! THANKS.

Caryn Nagler

Thank you kindly for such flexibility and awesomely run camps and before and after care centers.


Hey Bob,
I just wanted to drop you a line, let you know I was able to locate an origonial Shinobi Arcade up near Atlantic City, New Jersey. I can not tell you how much it means to have something that was such a significant part of my brother and my childhood. I have great memories from Kids After Hours this game being one of them. Thank you for running such a great program, and giving all the kids a place to have good safe fun before, after school, and during the summer. Hope all is well with you and yours, thanks again!!

Chuck Pippin

Bob -

It is with mixed blessings that I sent my last payment to KAH for a school year. I will enjoy the extra $440 in my bank account each month, however, I will miss knowing that KAH is there watching Morgan on days after schools, school breaks, late days, etc. KAH has been a true blessing these past 5 years and I will miss all of your counselors who I have come to know and love. KAH has been an integral part of who Morgan has become and what she has learned due to the many hours she has spent there. I want to thank you for all you do. I know this is not the last you will be seeing of us as Morgan has already said she wants to try a travelin teens camp and you never know she may be working there in a couple of years. Thank you and God Bless you and the staff of KAH!


Dear Danny, Dear Bob, Dear all KAH team at Flora Singer,

Again and again HUGE thank you for your astonishing, mind-blowing, amazing work (and also sense of improvisation!). Whatever the weather conditions, despite all kind of emergencies that arise, you guys are here. As always. From start to finish, you demonstrate professionalism, commitment, and dedication. BRAVO and thank you so much for today.

Corinne Dalliere


I would like to commend you for being such a responsive and accommodating service provider for our kids during unexpected events. Kudos to you and your team.

Thanks for being such a great company.

Amy (A Flora Singer KAH Parent)

Thank you SOOOO much for rallying and opening up KAH! It makes a huge difference to us parents!!!

Leslie (Nate and Abby's mom) KAH at Flora Singer parent

Bob and KAH staff- thanks for always being there for families!!

Love KAH!!!

Heather Halwani (KAH at Flora Singer)

KAH is the BEST! Thanks for always being so responsive to whatever "scheduling crisis" arises.

Sharon (Ayelet's mom - KAH at Flora Singer ES 3rd grade)

Andrew, I can't thank you and all the staff enough for all that you do with the children, especially Ollie. Its great to know he is safe at all times.

Martina (About Director: Andrew Wajid- Ali at KAH Meadow Hall)

Our kids go to Meadow Hall location and the staff there, led by Andrew has just absolutely exceeded all our expectations and more! I wish I could give more stars! Let me start by saying - KAH is the best childcare organization!!!!I Yes, they don't have their own facilities and use school all purpose rooms for their care hours but this is what makes them convenient and unique! Where they absolutely shine, is their personnel, customer service and management! I don't know how they do this and make it work as a business ... it just seems that their more than reasonable tuition couldn't possibly cover the crafts that they buy for kids, snacks and all kinds of event specials (face paintings, moon bounces, ice cream trucks)... THE PEOPLE that work there are kid fanatics, 110 % committed to not just making sure kids are "looked after" and safe but they make sure kids are engaged in activities ranging from sports to arts to cooking. On top of that they assist with and encourage kids to do their homework. I feel so relieved that we found a place where we can trust our kids to be safe and happy! Its crazy, our kids cry when we come to pick them up early.... :) :) :)

Kah Parent

Your emails rock, Bob! Thanks for both the info and the smiles your messages always bring.

Having another great year at RVES!

Happy Spring

Mike Smith

Hi Bob,

My daughters have been going to KAH for years, and there's no place better for fun, affordable and safe child care. The daily after care programs are loaded with physical, artistic and intellectual activities and the summer camps are incredible. It doesn't hurt that the company also runs a kids party equipment rental service, so there's often some kind of bouncy house or inflatable maze or rock climbing wall available for the kids to use. And the counselors are some of the most friendly, engaging and attentive folks you'll ever meet. I can't say enough good things about KAH -- I wish I had a KAH to go to when I was a kid.

Wesley K.

Hi Bob,

I got the link to your survey, but I am a stay at home mom and I don't use KAH at Lucy V. Barnsley regularly. I do however interact often with Matt Connolly in my role as PTA Programs VP and want to tell you how awesome he and his staff at Barnsley are. But you know this already.

How do I love Matt and his KAH staff, let me count the ways...

  1. Offers of childcare during our PTA meetings. One night our meeting ran late, and a friend had her kids in childcare until almost 9:00 pm. The staff were super nice about it.
  2. Generous donation of childcare/camp/prizes at KAH to be raffled/given at various events like International Night and Bingo Night.
  3. Use of popcorn machine and movie equipment for Bingo Night, Movie Night and other assorted programs.
  4. Help with set up, making artwork and other assorted tasks during Science Night.
  5. Getting me up to speed with how things work around Barnsley with respect to after school clubs.
  6. Kindly offering to take care of kids who might have been stranded when after school classes canceled last week due to weather.

Honestly Bob, the ways we at Barnsley love Matt and KAH are too numerous to count. I've never worked with a guy who is more easy going, go with the flow, whatever you need kind of dude. He makes the work of the PTA so much easier. We are so lucky to have him at our school.

Have a great day!

Kris Petrie
Mom to Alec, grade 2
PTA VP for Programs
Lucy V. Barnsley ES

Hi Bob,

Ok. I would like to take this opportunity to state that it speaks so highly for your programming that going to childcare is in competition with a play date in my child's mind. It is true peace of mind for me as a parent and not something commonly found in childcare providers. KAH Rocks! You can tell The Grand Poobah I said so.

Highland View Parent

Hi Bob--

Thank you, thank you, thank you for item 1!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. The earlier close time during the summer has been a real challenge for me, and likely others who work conventional hours and have to brave traffic or the Red Line to get back out to the 'burbs. And thank you again for everything that you and your staff do, with great energy, humor, and unwavering commitment to the kids -- KAH is a terrific part of my daughter's life, and I'm already stressing over not having that option after she ages out. I hope that 2014 was great for you and yours, and that 2015 is even better!

Kah Parent

Hi Bob,

Just a quick thank you for your continued support of working parents. I saw your quote in the Post, and it was just another reminder of the consideration that you and your organization have for parents and families. I can only imagine how challenging it is for your staff to provide care on snow days, but know that it is not taken for granted! Needing to figure out (at 5:30am) this past Wednesday how to piece together something for the couple of hours between when I had to be at work and KAH opened was very challenging, and again reminded me of how appreciative I am that I only had to struggle with those few hours and not entire days. Thank goodness for KAH!

Rock View Parent

Chris, Thanks to you and all of your counselors for all of the hard work on putting together and running the clubs. Jack has been enjoying them immensely. He was particularly thrilled with making the planter box on the nature trail. He's so proud of it, and he talks about it a lot. We went and saw it after the book swap last week. He's enjoyed all of the other clubs as well.

Kah Parent

Your program is wonderful. It has been great for my daughter, who is ADHD, the staff is very patient with her. I never worry about her when she is in KAH...other than she doesn't want to go home when I come to get her, which really says it all doesn't it!

Kah Parent

The staff have really embraced my child and it's been a wonderful experience for both of us. New childcare arrangements are always worrisome for parents but this turned out great. Only wish we'd always had KAH with the NCC KAH staff

Kah Parent

I forgot to include in my survey how much I appreciate Bob's accessibility and responsiveness!

Flora Singer parent

Thank you Mr. Bob for having such a great team!

I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Chea at OTES. A few weeks ago our son wore his snow boots to school hoping for snow. As a result, his feet were sore. Chea cared for his feet while at KAH. We found out later that evening from Conrad. We really appreciate the extra care that he received.

I am always impressed by the fact that I never have seen a child alone in the sidelines.

I really appreciate that you have great staff that seem to really care about the kids.

Todd makes sure that new staff members introduces themselves to us. I really appreciate that he does that as well.

Oakland Terrace Parent

This is awesome! Have fun!


I'm speechless - wow! Thank you, thank you! I'm copying Bonnie Washington on the auction committee to share the great news. The Auction is Friday, April 12th. Again, I can't tell you how much we appreciate your support. KAH is truly a community organization and we are lucky to have you.


I apologize because I should have sent this letter at the end of last school year. My daughter, Marijke, attended KAH aftercare last year at Forest Knolls ES. She was in kindergarten and I was nervous about sending her to kindergarten and aftercare. I am a teacher and she had attended a daycare at my school for the previous 3 years and I was used to having her with me at school. I was so pleased with the quality of care she received at KAH! She loved going there and many days wanted me to pick her up later so she had more time there. The staff always had a smile on their face when I came to pick her up and they all seem to really enjoy their jobs and the children. I was always amazed at their energy at the end of a long day! I was also impressed with the activities they planned each week and how organized the program is.

Marijke will be returning to KAH this year and is quite excited about it. I worked in an aftercare program when I was a teacher at a private school and I know I did not bring the dedication and enthusiasm to the job that your staff does. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was last year with the quality of KAH. Thank you to you and your wonderful staff!

Forest Knolls Parent

Matt is a great Director, and he and the staff have been very welcoming to my daughter since the first day, making her feel comfortable (she is shy) and cared for.

Barnsley Parent

My son is in the special education program at Flora Singer and I am so happy that he is able to participate in KAH. He has a great time and it is a huge benefit for him to spend time with "typical" kids learning about all the stuff that kids do, including sports and video games. This is really valuable to our family. He is included in activities and the other kids seem willing to let him take turns and try things out.

Flora Singer Parent

Glenn and his staff are terrific! Wyatt was hesitant at first but the HVES KAH staff made him feel so welcome and cared for. They are always thinking up fun amazing activities. Wyatt doesn't want to come home some days.

Highland View Parent

My son loves KAH because of the fun activities. There is always something going on that he likes to do (many times more), and the staff are always willing to play, they get in there with the kids, and I can see that they have fun too, the staff enjoys what they are doing. They are very creative, and go extra to keep the kids occupied and happy. They get to exercise and learn how to play some sports. The snacks are varied too, and even my picky eater will tell me he likes to eat there.

Oakland Terrace Parent

Staff is really great, so friendly, and they all seem to love their jobs. (and kids!!)


My son Loves Mr. Leo, Mr. Mike, Ms. Patricia, Ms. Raquel, Ms. Jen and I'm sure I'm leaving someone off. They've made his first experience at Roscoe Nix a great one.

Roscoe Nix

Bob is always reachable and helpful.

Flower Valley Parent

My daughter loves her counselors! Great job finding fabulous counselors who love to have fun as much as the kids do

Rockview Parent

I have been so happy with KAH. Last year was the first for my kids at Oakland Terrace. They never wanted to be picked up. Rachel and her staff at Singer continued the great program and have even taken it further. The staff always helpful, energetic, and loving toward the kids and families.

I tell everyone about KAH.

Keep up the great work!

Parent from Oakland Terrace and now Flora Singer

Summer Camp

I wanted to let you know that Jules had a great time today. I was a bit worried, what with the predicted downpours, but there was no need -- she had a blast. She has had a really fun, happy summer at KAH, probably her best one yet. The counselors have been wonderful, and she has been in with a great group of girls.

I am extremely grateful for the way KAH handled the lice situation. I am sure that your diligence prevented an outbreak of epidemic proportions.

As always, my thanks to all at KAH. You are helping to raise my daughter.:)

Forest Knolls Parent

He loves the bouncy houses, water slides, and the crazy games that the counselors do - jello war anyone? You guys are so creative and engaging, and my son always looks forward to going to KAH and hates to leave at pick up time! Keep up the great work!!


Travelling teens is the best summer camp for kids that want to stay busy; so many different activities for them to experience

Forest Knolls Parent

Guy loved everything about skatecamp!

Skatecamp Parent

Make sure Paul gets a salary increase and REPLICATE him! THe man is fantastic and a positive role model!

Travelin Teen Parent

We are a big fan of KAH. Our families experiences have been so wonderful with every camp our son has been to. Traveling Teens was just as great as the before and after school care, camping adventures, and your day camp. You have an outstanding group of people working for you!!!

Summer Camp Parent

"We are big fans of KAH. Our family's experiences have been so wonderful with every camp our son has been to. Traveling Teens was just as great as the before and after school care, camping adventures, and your day camp. You have an outstanding group of people working for you!!!"

"My kid LOVES the staff. LOVES THEM. I consider them an important and valuable part of her social/support system. Knowing that she has a lot of people who care about her is really important to me — especially over the past few months, as we transitioned into being a two-household family."

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for adjusting and opening today. None of my friends have childcare today or tomorrow and they are very envious. I told them that's the KAH difference."

"Sometimes I'm amazed at the energy they have. I come in to pick up Ella and although I'm exhausted the counselors are always smiling. Ella was always super shy and they took the time to get to know her and pull her out of her shell. We'll be spending the summer with you!!"

"Dear Bob, Thank you for allowing me to attend summer camp this year. Travelin' Teens was fun because we went to places I had never been to. I liked when we went to amusement parks and water parks. Also, I got to see old friends and make new friends also. It was the best summer ever! I can't wait to go to Travelin' Teens next summer."


"They are always engaged, and creative, and caring. K.A.H. staff never seem like it is just a job. They are really consistently impressive. The treat everyone fair. They really seem to love their jobs. And I appreciate how well they communicate with parents. And the continuity — almost no turnover! How is that possible?"

"It's a 'Win-Win' situation for parents and their children. We never worried about a thing & our daughter felt excited about her new found independence which strengthened her self-confidence."

"She was sooo excited about Travelin' Teens that I had to promise not to schedule any doctors appointments. She just started middle school and chose NOT to go to her summer orientation because she DID NOT WANT TO MISS A DAY OF CAMP!!!"

"Beyond Fantastic! Words that come to mind are trustworthy, caring, helpful, calm, friendly, competitive (but looking out for the kids best interest) and just wonderful!"

My name is Monique. My son, Zach, is one of your former day students. I have been a single mother his whole life, but my father and brother have taken an active role in his life as father figures. I was thinking today of how you were a major father figure to him during some of the most important formative years of his life. He still has fond memories of KAH. He and his good friends go fishing every few weeks though they have real rods and not bamboo :). I know his love of fishing comes in part from my Dad but even more so from you.

I just want to thank you for being such a positive role model and for all the good memories you've given us. God has blessed our path with really good people and you were definitely one. I just wanted you to know what a difference you've made in my child's life.