School Year Register

Drop In Care

We are open for all Half days of school and most MCPS holidays. We run programs during Winter/Spring Break too!

  • Any child registered can drop in any morning, afternoon, half day, or day off.
  • You can add a drop in day to your regular KAH schedule.
  • You can pay for drop in care by cash or check the day of care.
  • There is no need to notify directors for morning drop ins but please inform your center director by phone/email/text at least 30 minutes before dismissal for afternoon drop in care.
  • Please notify your child's teacher about afternoon drop in care so your child is not directed to go home on the school bus.
  • If your child is dropping in you will still need to complete our student emergency packet to provide our director with a means to contact you in case of emergency.
  • Morning Care: $20 daily
  • Afternoon Care: $30 daily
  • Morning & Afternoon Care: $35 daily
  • Half Day of School Care: $35 daily
  • Full Day of Care (No school day: $60 daily
  • Adding a morning for a child who already attends in the afternoon: $5 daily
  • Adding an afternoon for a child who already attends in the morning: $10 daily


To register for drop in care for 2018-2019 please create an account on-line.