Mission Statement

Our Mission:
We Help Everyone, We Care Always, AND We Have Fun Doing It!

Our mission is based on our guiding principles: We Help Everyone, We Care Always, and We Have Fun Doing it! We believe the role of K.A.H. is to help our kids, families, schools and our communities in any way possible. From providing supportive care, to working with family’s needs, to helping with a school’s special events, K.A.H. is always asking the question “how can we help?” Throughout all of our programs, we care for each child and family. At K.A.H. we want all of our kids and families to feel welcomed, supported, and part of the K.A.H. family!

At Kids After Hours we have found that life is far more fun if you play games! When kids are in our program they are encouraged to play constantly! We want our kids to have FUN in our programs through our play centers, activities, clubs, specialists, and special events. We always encourage kids to make new friends, explore new ideas, and learn through play!

We believe a quality childcare provider never sits back with ease and accepts that there is no more room for improvement. No matter how wonderful the program is, or how well trained the provider, there is always more that can be done. At K.A.H. we constantly evaluate our program, the staff, the children, the community needs, and our company in order to provide the best possible care.

We are ALWAYS MAKING K.A.H. BETTER every day and in every way!