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Junior Adventure Camp

Junior Adventure Camp

For kids entering 2nd & 3rd grade we have our Junior Adventure Camp!!! This camp will run similarly to our regular Travelin Teens / Adventure Camp program but with modified trips to best fit this age group!

*This program's start date is July 6th!

Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Drop off & Pick Up locations are the same as our regular Adventure & Travelin Teens Programs.
Price: $330 a week *NO DAILY REGISTRATIONS

Important Points to know:

  1. The kids HAVE to wear masks in the vans and for most of the day. Is your child comfortable with that?
  2. We will have groups of 11 kids in a van. 2 vans will travel to the same location, but remain separated with a support staff. So 3 staff with at most 22 kids.
  3. Unlike our regular Adventure/Travelin Teens programs, the Junior Adventure Campers don't need any spending $$$ (i.e. please DON'T send your kids with $$$$). We will take care of any snacks/special treats for them.
  4. Every child will get 2 UV swim shirts. THEY MUST have one with them everyday.
  5. We do have a system to group friends together. Due to COVID, once kids are in their groups they must STAY in their groups for the entire week. So please let us know beforehand so your child can have a partner in crime. *This also means NO DAILY REGISTRATIONS.
  6. Will your child enjoy being outside ALL DAY? We will be getting wet most days. Due to Covid, we are an outside camp. We do have inside inclement weather plans, where we know we can socially distance. We hope to NEVER use them.




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Farmland ES (N. Bethesda area)

Flora Singer ES (Silver Spring area)

Forest Knolls ES (Silver Spring area)

Garrett Park ES (Kensington area)

Barnsley ES (Rockville area)

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